A brief history

In 1944, Pastors Bernard Kinman and Ron Derbyshire came to hold some Gospel meetings in order to open a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Carlisle. The meetings were well attended and a number of people and families accepted Christ as their Saviour and a Church was established. They met in an upstairs room in a hotel in West Walls. They worshipped there for many years. Then the centre of the town was redeveloped and the hotel in which they met was demolished. They purchased a property which had been previously a Jehovah Witness meeting place. Unfortunately the Church was vandalized many times until the members decided to move. For a period of time they met in rented rooms until 1982 when a property was purchased near the town centre. It is in a good position as it is opposite the very imposing Carlisle Castle. This building had previously been a Rope store and then a Printing workshop. Pastor Hensman and the Church members refurbished the building and made it into a very fine Church.

In the last few years the Church building has been considerably improved by replacing the windows with UPVC double glazed windows and brand new outside double doors. A new sign has been put up on the outside of the Church to inform passers by on the busy road in and out of the City that this is the Seventh-day Adventist Church and everyone is welcome. We have had many visitors come along to meet with us because of this sign.

More recently the interior of the building has been completely redecorated. A new kitchen has been fitted upstairs. The upstairs meeting room has been completely redesigned by the addition of a wall which separates the room from the staircase. The staircase and the foyer again have been beautifully redecorated.

We very much appreciate the financial help given to us by the North England Conference and the hard work of our Church members, especially Don McKay, who has done the greater part of the work. We in Carlisle are very proud of our beautiful Church and visitors to the Lake District are always made welcome. If you are ever in the district do please pay us a visit.